A police officer patrolling the quiet streets of Palma. | Miquel A. Cañellas


The number of coronavirus cases in the Balearics has now risen to 169. This suggests that there has been an increase of 57 since Wednesday, but the spokesperson for the Balearics committee for infectious diseases, Francesc Alberti, explains that the real increase is 36. There had been an error in "synchronisation" of data between the national and regional health ministries systems. In other words, Wednesday's figure of 112 should have been 133.

Alberti stressed on Thursday that the figures "do not mean that there has been a significant increase in the data". "What we have been registering in the last few days has been maintained."

Hospitals in the Balearics, he added, are fully prepared for admitting patients with coronavirus. In Majorca, there are currently 27 patients in Son Espases, seventeen in Son Llatzer, four in Inca and one in Manacor. These are patients in coronavirus attention units. There are seven patients in ICU in the Balearics as a whole.

He noted that just two people have died as a result of coronavirus and that six have now recovered.