The prosecution service is calling for two Algerian men to be expelled from Spain for having assaulted a security guard and a National Police officer after they were caught stealing four lipsticks from a Müller store in Palma.

In April last year, the two men - whose status in Spain was legal - went to the store. One of them shoplifted the lipsticks, which were worth a total of forty euros, and put them in a bag that the other man was carrying. They were stopped by a female security guard, with whom there was a struggle, during which she suffered injuries to her arms. However, with the help of customers she was able to detain the two until officers from the National Police arrived.

When an officer asked to see documentation, one of the two men refused and got into a fight with the officer, who was injured in the process.

As well as expulsion from Spain, the prosecution is demanding a year's imprisonment for both men and a fine.