State of Emergency Wedding in Cala Rajada. | RPF


The coronavirus restrictions in Spain came as a bitter blow for Sebastián Regueiro and Mary Guiscafré who live in Cala Rajada.

They set the date for their wedding months ago, the invitations had gone out, the dress was bought, the caterers booked and everything was on schedule until last Saturday when the Spanish Prime Minister declared a State of Emergency.

The ban on public gatherings put the kibosh on their wedding plans and knowing how important their wedding day was to the couple, they got together and came up with a genius Plan B.

They organised a video call and asked Sebastián and Mary to join them on Saturday at noon.

Friend & Family join the couple online.

Once everyone was online, the wedding march was played and friend of the couple acted as 'parish priest' and performed the marriage.

Vows were promised as around 30 family and friends watched the virtual ceremony and they even dressed in their wedding best for the event.

“It was very emotional. For them it was a great surprise and it was very exciting for everyone,” said Salvador Fuster, who’s a friend of the groom.

The day ended with a toast to the bride and groom and a great day was had by all.

Now Sebastián, Mary and their family and friends can't wait for the fabulous main event which will be held once the State of Emergency is over.