President Francina Armengol speaking in parliament on Monday.


Addressing the Balearic parliament on Monday, President Armengol said that the Balearics is the region to have been most affected by a suspension of normal activity. However, she stressed that this will not do any good if people don't stay at home.

The president was particularly grateful to the national transport minister, José Luis Ábalos, for having - with just a few exceptions - closed air and maritime space. She added that the national government will be guaranteeing unemployment benefits to people who have not yet started the season and went on to emphasise that the regional health service is ready to deal with Covid-19.

There are 16,000 people working in the health service. In addition, private hospitals will be caring for health service patients, while hotel companies have offered hotels as temporary hospitals. Among measures to help dependent people, the president highlighted the acquisition of 3,000 tele-assistance devices from the Red Cross.

The president prefaced her statement by offering condolences to relatives of those who have passed away. She called on the public to remain united in "overcoming the greatest challenge we have faced as a society" and drew attention to the work of all those providing services and to, for example, landowners having reduced rents.

The leader of the opposition, Biel Company of the Partido Popular, criticised the lack of supplies for the health service, saying that health workers are having to reuse protective means. He thanked all health personnel for the efforts they are making before attacking President Armengol for "not having told us anything" and for a lack of leadership.

Company demanded economic measures to prevent the suffering of businesses and workers, but despite his criticisms, stressed that his party will support the government. The time to evaluate errors, he remarked, is once the crisis passes. "Now is a time for unity."