Snow expected in the Sierra. | M.A.Campins


We are about to get a burst of Winter weather according to María José Guerrero from Aemet.

Temperatures dropped on Tuesday with highs of around 15º, instead the normal 18º with scattered showers in some areas.

A Continental Polar Air Mass will arrive on Wednesday and the mercury will plunge yet again, with maximum temperatures of 13º, which is colder than January!

Snow is forecast above 800 meters and overnight it will be a chilly 4º-5º with frost in the Sierra.

It gets worse on Thursday with heavy rain and thunderstorms and snow above 800 meters. Maximum temperatures will hover around 10º with lows of 3º-4º dropping below 0º in some places.

Things will start to cheer up a bit on Friday and it’ll be slightly warmer too with highs of around 14º, which is still way below the 17º we are used to at the end of March and there also might be a shower or two.