Palma Airport Terminal | Wendy Wighton Urquhart


Facilities at airports in the Balearic Islands are gradually closing now that passenger traffic has been significantly reduced by restrictions on air transport.

According to Aena, there is minimal activity at all Balearic airports and the closures will help to "adapt infrastructures to real passenger traffic" in order to "achieve more efficient management, whilst ensuring that operations can be recovered the moment demand increases."

Palma Airport will gradually close various parts of the terminal, but will keep module B operational and the security filter that is usually exclusively for inter island passengers will be open to all travellers during this period.

The central line of billing counters will be maintained in front of the inter island filters and aircraft operations will only be performed on one of the two Airport runways.

Ibiza Airport will have more areas out of service than it has during the winter season with just 4 boarding gates operational instead of the normal 13 and there will only be three luggage belts instead of the eight that are usually in operation at this time of year.

Menorca Airport already closed part of the terminal building in October and it will remain inoperative for the time being.