Rafael Nadal tweets a message telling people to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic. | @rafaelnadal


Rafa Nadal has swopped his tennis racket for a pot to break the monotony of the coronavirus lockdown.

Like many other people, cooking at home has become an even more important part of the day during the State of Emergency and it’s a great way to beat the monotony.

Athletes all over the world are training hard at home in a bid to stay in shape during the lull in competition caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and it looks like some may have also improved their culinary skills.

The Majorcan tennis ace recently tweeted a message of solidarity and support for everyone under lockdown, with photos of him stirring something in a pot on the stove.

“Today it is also time to cook for me and my wife,” he says. “I hope you are all well and taking care of yourself at home. Cheer up and stay strong.”