Fet a Soller exports increasing. | Lluc Garcia

Exports from the Soller Valley to Europe are booming because foreigners who are unable to get to Majorca because of the coronavirus restrictions are having a taste of the island sent to them instead.

40 tons of oranges were sent to Germany last week along with lots of other farm products.

"The level of demand now is similar to the Christmas season and not just for oranges, they're ordering jams, locally grown fruits and olive oil as well,” says Franz Kraus, from Fet a Sóller, who exports to the entire continent via Frisch aus Mallorca.

He says the closure of stores and ice cream shops during the State of Emergency has forced him to activate an ERTE which will affect 18 of the 70 workers at Fet a Sóller.

Fet a Sóller, which also has its own crops, is currently the main outlet for orange production in the Valley and also purchases, on average, 40% of the fruit from the Cooperativa Sant Bartomeu and other non-associated producers.


The Cooperative makes sure the oranges are collected and supplies are maintained and says marketing is around normal for the time of year but more fruit may be needed to meet demand.

“Between 25 and 30 tons of oranges are picked every week and now the late varieties are also being collected," said Pep Mora, the Cooperative's technician.

He added, "despite the closure of hotels, we have been able to increase exports and internal sales through initiatives such as the Camp Mallorquí basket and we have managed to reach different customers who want the fruit delivered to their homes,” he said.

“The effort made in recent years by the farmers of Sóller and Fornalutx has resulted in a notable improvement in quality and an increase in production and next year the new trees will give their first harvest,” explains Pep Mora.