Palma florist gives flowers away during coronavirus lockdown. | Jaume Morey


A florist in Carrer de Monti-sion has been putting free bouquets of flowers outside the front door for the last two days which have cheered up local residents in the La Calatrava neighbourhood no end.

On Wednesday there were several bouquets of showy white, red and yellow tulips and the day before there were different flowers.

The business owners say they can’t sell them during the coronavirus lockdown and would rather give them away so that at least someone can enjoy them.

A poster placed beside the flowers says ‘Take me’ and another says ‘please only take one’ so that more people can enjoy them.

A neighbour explained the initiative to Gwendoline as she passed by the street, and she happily took one of the bouquets home.

Two construction workers who were busy reforming a store in Palma’s old town stopped work for a few minutes when they heard that someone was giving away flowers and went and picked up bouquets.

"I will give it to my wife when I get home," said one of them, in a rare moment of joy during the coronavirus lockdown.