Aid for businesses suffering because of coronavirus lockdown. | Ultima Hora


The Government wants to help small and medium-sized businesses in the Balearic Islands to survive the State of Emergency by selling more products online.

The Minister of Transició Energètica & Sectors Porductius, Juan Pedro Yllanes, has already held a meeting with Traders to discuss how the coronavirus crisis is affecting business.

The Government will now study the possibility of making grants available to help Balearic companies become more visible to consumers online and through Internet search engines. They will also look at offering aid to companies so that they can investment in their businesses and avoid closing down or laying off workers to alleviate running costs.

The Afedeco, President, Antoni Gayá, thanked Minister Yllanes but said actions speak louder than words.

"This is not time for studies, it’s time for announcements,” he said, adding that the sector is already in a very difficult situation and no aid for trade has materialised.