Police on patrol in Palma. | M. À. Cañellas


Palma Local Police have arrested three people for playing Ludo in a car in the Son Gotleu neighbourhood of Palma, a clear breach of the coronavirus lockdown regulations.

"Apparently there are those who think 'you cannot leave the house' means 'stay in the car and play ludo with friends'," tweeted the Police Thursday.

Police have received nearly 3,000 complaints and made 18 arrests in the Balearic Islands in the first 12 days of the State of Emergency.

Most of the sanctions imposed by the State Security Forces and Corps and Palma Local Police, were for people walking around the streets for no reason, including some who had ignored previous warnings.

The arrests were for disobedience and breaching the lockdown, which only allows people to go to work, the pharmacy or the supermarket.

Residents are advised to take proof of identity with them when they leave home and keep any receipts for petrol, food or other goods as proof of their reason for being outside.

Anyone who’s caught breaching the State of Emergency will be fined between 600 to 30,000 euros.