Non-essential employees told to stay at home. | EFE

Employees are allowed to go to work for one day only on March 30, to complete any necessary tasks, especially those that affect industry and construction.

The Royal Decree-Law which was approved by the Central Government on Sunday has been published in the Official State Gazette, or BOE.

It states that all non-essential employees must now stay at home in a bid to stop the coronavirus pandemic, but there is a tiny bit of leeway.

“In cases where it is impossible to immediately interrupt the activity workers are allowed to go to work for one day only on March 30. The only purpose will be to carry out the essential tasks to be able to make the recoverable paid leave effective without irremediably or disproportionately damaging the resumption of business activity.”

The decree also states that if it's absolutely necessary, some companies can keep a skeleton staff to maintain essential activity.

"This activity and minimum number of staff or shifts will have as a reference that held on an ordinary weekend or on a holiday.”

For Carriers who may be in the middle of a service “the permit will begin once that current service has ended, including, where appropriate, the corresponding return operation.”

With regard to Public Employees, the Royal Decree-Law specifies that the Ministry of Territorial Policy & Public Function, Autonomous Communities & Local Entities will regulate the provision of services by Officials, with the aim of maintaining those that are considered essential and not detailed.

In the field of justice, the activity of the Judges, Prosecutors, Lawyers and other personnel necessary for procedural actions not suspended by the State of Emergency, as well as the personnel required for the operation of the Civil Registry.

Companies that award contracts, services and public sector supplies that are essential for the maintenance and security of buildings and the provision of services are excluded from the decree.

The recoverable paid leave will be effective from Monday, March 30 until Thursday, April 9.