Extra security at Palma Airport. | Ultima Hora

The National Police and Guardia Civil have set up a ring of steel at Palma airport to prevent the spread of coronavirus and comply with the Government's health control protocol.

The restrictions have brought the Palma airport to a complete standstill and all commercial and private flights, except those authorised by force majeure or to facilitate the return of residents to the Island are now banned.

Despite the lack of activity, strict measures are in place to prevent anyone who's infected from entering Majorca undetected.

“The Security Guards have allocated one entrance and one exit door per floor, which makes it much easier to control the passengers. Once inside, all arrivals are concentrated in P6 and they all exit via module B (inter-islands). There are about four or five flights a day, and many of them arrive with less than 10 passengers,” says the Airport's Chief Inspector, José María Velasco.

Security measures are at their absolute maximum during the State of Emergency and all passengers are taken to the Arrivals terminal by bus, kept within the recommended safety distances, then into a defined area in P6. The Guardia Civil is on patrol in the restricted area for National flights and the National Police, who have border powers, are on patrol for International Flights.

All passengers are given a questionnaire and must supply personal data and answer closed questions about any signs or symptoms of coronavirus. Some airlines are forcing customers to complete the form during their flight.

The documents are left on a tray and collected by Department of Health personnel, who check them and decide whether a more detailed inspection of any passengers is necessary.

Travellers who do not have symptoms, go through a second filter with either the National Police or Guardia Civil where they must verify their identity and justify the unavoidable need for the trip due to force majeure.

Those who do have symptoms of coronavirus are interviewed in a secluded room and are not allowed to leave unless they have medical authorisation. Residents are accompanied home and must remain in isolation and the Health Department is notified of any suspected cases so that the corresponding follow-up can be carried out.