Son Banya, closed for business. | Alejandro Sepulveda

Drugs clans in the Son Banya shanty town in Palma have erected a barricade at what is the only access point. Entrance is prohibited. "We do not want this terrible disease to enter Son Banya. This is why we are shutting everything down and no one can enter."

The barricade, consisting of the likes of old sofas, was put up on Sunday evening. Word got out that Son Banya was closed for business, but early on Monday morning there was an incident when a 'customer' got past the barricade. Residents showered his car with stones. National Police officers went to Son Banya in order to prevent confrontations between residents and buyers.

There has been a touch of humour. One of the residents has said that they are waiting for Prime Minister Sánchez and "the ponytails" (a reference to Pablo Iglesias) to provide them with some payment. "We are going to ask for an ERTE. Out of responsibility, we can't work."