The Balearic government is keen to promote consumption of local products.

14-03-2020C. Viera

Two hundred thousand euros of financial support are to be made available to producers of lamb, suckling pig and kid by the regional agriculture, fisheries and food ministry.

This aid is part of the action plan drawn up for the agricultural sector and is aimed in particular at the supply of these fresh meat products for Easter. The Fogaiba agriculture guarantee fund will pay out six euros for each lamb and kid goat of more than eight kilos and for each pig of more than six kilos. The ministry explains that this funding extends for longer than just Easter as it will cover the period up to the end of May.

For consumers, this aid is expected to mean an average reduction in price of one euro per kilo. A key objective is to incentivise the purchase of local products at "very competitive prices".


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Roger / Hace about 1 year

I welcome this sort of intervention by Government...and whilst no such scheme is every perfect, I hope that it will be regarded as being of sufficient benefit to 'keep things going for farmers'...In other posts yesterday there were comments made about the ability of Mallorca to diversify into other economic sectors....we already have other sectors - agriculture is both a traditional sector and one that has a great opportunity to become more integrated into tourism if allowed, and encouraged, to do so in a properly defined, strategic manner...and I say this as an international tourism consultant living permanently here on the island.