Sample collection in Ibiza to detect coronavirus. | EFE/Sergio G. Cañizares


There were 1,131 people infected with coronavirus in the Balearic Islands on Wednesday, according to new data from the Ministry of Health, an increase of 62 from Tuesday.

Therefore, COVID-19 infections have dropped again very slightly.

Dr Javier Arranz, Spokesperson for the Coronavirus Autonomic Committee, warned on Monday that ups and downs in the number of contagions could occur, even although the overall trend is downward and the Government expects to see fewer new cases in the Balearics this week.

The 5.8% increase in the number of new cases on Wednesday compared to 6.9% on Tuesday appears to confirm Dr Arranz’s theory that the numbers are heading in the right direction.

Last week there was a 19.5% increase from Monday to Tuesday; 17.5% from Tuesday to Wednesday; 17.4% between Thursday and Friday; 14.3% from Friday to Saturday; 11.1% on Sunday; 4.3% on Monday; 6.9% on Tuesday and 5.8% on Wednesday.
There are 95 patients in the Intensive Care Unit, 170 have already been discharged and the total number of active positives now stands at 910.

Dr Arranz says there are 449 people hospitalised in Majorca and 75 of them are in the ICU.

18 patients are in hospital in Minorca and 9 of them are in the ICU.

54 people are in hospital in Ibiza and 16 are in the ICU.

180 Healthcare Professionals are infected with COVID-19 in the Balearic Islands and 442 healthcare professionals are under active surveillance, but Dr Arranz has emphasised that the number of new infections amongst professionals has decreased.

Coronavirus in Care Homes & Residences

Four new positive cases have been reported in the last few hours at the Residences, Elena, Son Ametler, Oasis Domusvi Palma.

A total of 105 coronavirus cases were reported in Balearic Nursing homes, 91 residents and 14 workers, and six people have died.

Dr Arranz pointed out that there are 55 nursing homes in the Balearic Islands, with more than 4,600 residents and those infected account for 1.9% of the total.

Three people tested positive at the Via 10 d’Amadip Esment Fundació Residence for people with disabilities. 38 residents and one worker have coronavirus and three people have died.

According to Dr Arranz there are 21 centres for people with disabilities in the Balearic Islands, with 552 residents and 6.8% have tested positive for coronavirus.