We can't travel but you can keep on dreaming. | Youtube: Majorca Daily Bulletin TV

The Council of Majorca's tourism and sports department has launched the second phase of the #SeeYouSoonMallorca campaign, which is aimed at Majorca's principal tourist markets and conveys positive and social messages regarding Covid-19.

The campaign started last week with a video that was very well received. There were over 200,000 social media views and high levels of sharing through other tools such as WhatsApp and email.

The second phase has started today with a second video bearing the slogan "We cannot travel, but we can dream". It emphasises the importance of staying at home and observing measures adopted by different governments in order to overcome the crisis as soon as possible. Through various images of Majorca, the video recreates the island that cannot currently be enjoyed, because people are confined to their homes, be they on the island or abroad.

The purpose is to bring the Majorca brand closer through positivism and an expression of confidence that once social and economic activity is restored, visitors can be sure that Majorca will be ready to return to its position as a leading tourist destination.

Dissemination is via all the tourism promotion social networks on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@Mallorcatourism) as well as the YouTube channel Youtube (www.youtube.com/user/infomallorcatv). There are versions in Catalan, Castellano, German, English and French, with hashtags for each language - #FinsAviatMallorca, #NosVemosProntoMallorca, #BisbaldMallorca, #SeeYouSoonMallorca, #OnSeVoitBientotMajorque.

The video that has been released today was presented at the Majorca Tourism Foundation's advisory council, which comprises representatives from the tourism industry and from public sector authorities for tourism. At the second meeting of this council since the state of alarm was declared, proposals were presented, information was exchanged and a joint network created so that once the currently exceptional situation is over, Majorca will have the necessary tools to be in the best possible position to move forward.

Councillor Andreu Serra explained at the meeting that the strategic tourism promotion plan, which had been prepared, will be modified in order to take account of current circumstances. This redefinition is already under way, with the intention of the plan including a new dimension for a tourism revival programme. This will include the necessary organisational, promotional, physical and digital actions for Majorca as well as possible future scenarios.

Once the uncertainty caused by the health crisis has passed, a safe, sustainable and quality Majorca will be what the island will promote more than ever.