The town hall square in Puigpunyent.


In Puigpunyent, there are 681 cars for every one thousand residents; the number exceeds the Balearics average of 640.The population is only around 2,000.

The town hall has undertaken a study with the aim of improving mobility in the municipality. Mayor Antoni Marí says that the town hall is developing a plan for sustainable mobility, which is currently at its stage of public consultation. He adds that "inputs" will be included in the plan, which forms part of municipal actions regarding climate change.

Having studied car ownership over several years, the town hall has found that the level was below the Balearics average in only two years - 2010 and 2011. The high dependence on private vehicles owes at least something to a lack of public transport. The study also points to the congestion caused by school runs.

The mayor explains that one of the big problems is parking in certain parts of the municipality. Another has to do with a lack of space for pedestrians. Given the width of streets, it isn't possible, in many cases, to separate vehicles and pedestrians with a satisfactory degree of safety. The pavements are very narrow, if there any.

One improvement to safety has come from closing the surroundings to the town hall square, but the study confirms that pedestrianised areas are scarce.


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Frederick / Hace about 1 year

The problem is that the Island has benefitted from large amounts of revenue through Tourism. Purchasing new cars , and 4x4 gas guzzling planet polluting vehicles is the result of this increased income. Mallorca now is like America , and worships the car. It is a small Island approximately 100 miles square. The drivers are generally poor. The 4x4 drivers act like they own the road, and all other vehicles should get out of their way. These BULLY Drivers need to be dealt with in a severe manner. BUT, there are not enough Guardia to catch them. So they get away with their disgraceful bad driving .