Armed Forces disinfecting Nursing Homes.

Armed Forces disinfecting Nursing Homes.


Armed Forces personnel are disinfecting Nursing Homes and other critical facilities every day.

According to the Chief of Defence Staff, Miguel Ángel Villarroya, the teams follow precise instructions when they disinfect buildings.

Each team is made up of five people and depending on the size of the residence, between 1 and 3 disinfectant rods are used.

The work takes 2-4 hours and is completed in three phases:

Contact with the support staff

Execution of the disinfection

Dismissal with recommendations for action and prevention

During the disinfecting operation, one person cleans the areas that are fixed and the rest are responsible for spraying other hazardous areas with hydrogen peroxide.

According to Villarroya, a total of 2,733 residences have been disinfected already and he also mentioned that the Military Veterinary Centre is completing certification for PCR tests.


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

At least these (old) people are actually in a nursing home and hopefully there is staff to check on them, if not he army! But, I do wonder how many dead people will be found after the lock down. People that are alone and have no whatsapp or other means of communicating.....