Harvests rely on seasonal workers.

07-04-2020AGROILLA - Archive

The Farmers Union and the Asaja agricultural businesses association need 450 seasonal workers for harvesting fruit and vegetables. At present, they can rely on there being only around one hundred. The rest would normally come from Colombia, many of whom come each year and are considered to be well qualified for work that lasts some six months.

Sebastià Ordines, the general secretary of the Farmers Union, says that consideration is being given to the recruitment of students and unemployed people, which is what the agricultural sector in Catalonia is attempting. "But we don't know if this will work." Joan Simonet of Asaja notes that recruitment campaigns through employment offices have been tried but that they haven't been successful. In one case, "for 180 jobs, only twenty showed up."

Simonet is critical of the national ministry of agriculture having paralysed "bureaucratic procedures" for temporary working. "So, when the confinement is lifted, we will have to start the process from scratch. This can take up to two months." Asaja believes that all the necessary mechanisms should be in place for when the confinement ends.

The livestock sector will also be affected by the lack of seasonal workers, who typically come from Poland and Romania and help with sheep shearing. It is reckoned that there will be a 25% shortage of workers.


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Zoe / Hace about 1 year

HI Majorca Daily Buulletin, you can see from the comment, that is is a very popular subject. Why not step in and print some guidance of how people already in Mallorca can apply for farming job. Believe me whoever I have spoken with, have asked the same question, "how can I apply".


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

This problem is not unique to Mallorca. It is everywhere in Europe, where (most) Europeans do not wish to get their hands dirty anymore with jobs like this. Yet populist parties, which are generally against immigrants ("as they steal our jobs") are growing steadily. The reality is: we as Europe LTD cannot function without them, so let´s welcome these people, as in future, they will be paying our pensions and wiping our old butts.


Tim Robinson / Hace about 1 year

@Bernard. This is the most positive comment I have read on here for weeks. I do hope MDB or someone is able to respond with a spirit equal to your offer.


Zoe / Hace about 1 year

Many people fed up of being stuck inside, and lets face it, tourism this year has been wiped out. Why not advertise both in Spanish and other languages for farm worker? I am sure some people would be happy to even volunteer to work . it is in most part a non-skilled job.


Stefan Jakobsson / Hace about 1 year

Hello, do you have any links to farms/orchards who are need of seasonal workers? I live in Palma and have all my legal paperwork in order. Thanking you in advance.


Bernard Donaldson / Hace about 1 year

Hello, do you have any links to farms/orchards who are need of seasonal workers? I live in Pollença and have all my legal paperwork in order to commence work once the covid19 restrictions are lifted. Thanking you in advance.