5 more coronavirus deaths in the Balearic Islands. | Jaume Morey


The Ministry of Health confirmed 5 more coronavirus deaths in the Balearic Islands on Wednesday and 43 new infections.

There are now a total of 1,412 people infected and 89 fatalities.

129 patients have been admitted to the ICU since the pandemic began and 616 have fully recovered from Covid-19, including 79 who were allowed to leave hospital on Monday.

Dr Javier Arranz, the Spokesperson of the Coronavirus Autonomous Committee, has explained several times that the numbers will go up and down whilst the downward trend continues as the pandemic dissipates.

On Wednesday, the number of new cases fell by 6 but on Tuesday, there were 49 new cases, a substantial increase compared to previous days.

The figures were especially good over last weekend, with 14 new infections on Saturday, 22 on Sunday and 27 on Monday.