Coronavirus figures rise again in the Balearic Islands.

Coronavirus figures rise again in the Balearic Islands.

10-04-2020Teresa Ayuga

The coronavirus figures in the Balearic Islands have gone up again with 8 dead and 40 new infections reported on Friday.

There have now been 97 fatalities and 1,488 people infections; 136 patients have been admitted to the ICU and 737 patients have been discharged after overcoming Covid-19.

These new figures are a huge disappointment after no deaths were reported on Holy Thursday for the first time since the declaration of the coronavirus State of Emergency.


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Jon Mestre / Hace about 1 year

Tourism is done for 2020 and people need to get back to the basics, which is farming and stop the greed mongering and selfishness. Looks like tourism will never come back to Spain they way it once was, so people need to humble themselves and the media needs to stop putting out less that COVID-19 is going away when all the facts show that it is not going away any time soon and when the media publishes lies because of pressure from businesses then this will only cause another flare up of COVID-19.

Employment in Spain will rise beyond the 2008 numbers, housing prices will sink, as they are already totally out of control in price, there will be little need for professions such as Lawyers or other nonsense professions who do not do any real work but just push a pen and talk. People will need Carpenters, Electricians, Farmers and people who want to do real work in society.