Vallgonera caves, threatened by development. | @Terraferida


Environmentalists Terraferida claim that if the Llucmajor coastline continues to be "filled with cement", the Vallgonera caves - some of the most beautiful on the planet - could disappear.

Via Twitter, Terraferida have drawn attention to the "massive construction" in the Llucmajor area and the consequences of this for marine biodiversity. "Cranes continue to conquer spaces on the beautiful Llucmajor coast. Regardless of changes in political colour, demands over decades by environmental groups, residents and a part of the political opposition to cut the amount of land that can be developed have been rejected.

The caves, located under half-finished housing estates, are the most worrying. They are in a protected area - a place of community interest - and are being "accosted by cranes and sewage from above".