Five people were arrested in Majorca on Monday in connection with breaches of confinement regulations.

A woman in Alcudia was arrested by the Guardia Civil after the car she was driving was stopped. There was another person in the car, and they said they were going to a supermarket. The woman had been sanctioned on four previous occasions.

The local police in Palma detained a 25-year-old man who was walking along a street carrying a television. He told officers that he was going to sell it. Half an hour later he was seen in a different part of the city, in Son Gotleu, where he was on the street talking to two other people. He had previously been reported on three occasions.

Three other people in Palma were arrested by the National Police. A 48-year-old man was with two others who ran off when they saw officers. This person struck an officer after a chase, ran off again before being intercepted and detained. A 27-year-old was walking on the Calle Manacor. He claimed that he had gone out to shop. It was found that he had been reported on five previous occasions.

A 37-year-old on a moped rode off in order to avoid a police control on the old Sineu road. Officers followed him, but he ignored instructions to stop. When he finally did, he acknowledged that he had been reported before - a total of ten times.