Flights will be essential for tourism in Calvia's resorts.


Hotelier associations in Calvia are reluctant to admit that the season will be a washout, but they recognise that there are great difficulties in preventing this.

Antoni Roses, president of the Santa Ponsa Bay Hoteliers Association, says that it is essential that tour operators restart flights from the main tourism markets. Without flights, there are no tourists. In his opinion, however, the chances of there being some normality with air traffic between now and August are "one per cent". "I think it will be very difficult for there to be flights in August. Almost impossible." The data for coronavirus in what is a key market, the UK, do not invite optimism. "At the moment, our efforts are on being able to hold on until March 2021."

The president of the Palmanova-Magalluf association, Mauricio Carbadella, insists that "we haven't lost hope, as things are changing each day". Nevertheless, he appreciates the problems - availability of flights and restrictions on mobility in Spain and in the main tourism markets. The dependence on the UK market is great. If hotels are unable to open by the start of August, it will be difficult for them to do so later. He adds that it is normally the case that 80% of the hotels close in October. If hotels can open, they will need to look at what sort of occupancy they can anticipate and at what prices. "They'll have to see if it will be profitable.

Antonio Mayol of the Paguera and Cala Fornells association agrees that flights will determine everything. By contrast to Magalluf and Santa Ponsa, the main market in Paguera is German. "We are not throwing in the towel, as we are considering a situation by which there is a health corridor between Germany and Austria and Majorca, given that coronavirus in those countries appears to be more controlled." He believes that it may be possible for hotels to open in June, although this would depend on the restarting of flights from the main German regions and health controls.


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John Parkinson / Hace about 1 year

Today news that there has been an increase in cases in Germany after they eased the lockdown. Look after the health of your citizens,the season is over.


Jason / Hace about 1 year

PalmaDave: Self interest Maybe! The interest 99% of small business owners in the seasonal resorts definitely. Not all Mallorca is Palma Dave !!!!!


palmadave / Hace about 1 year

Jason. Self interest still shining through.


fb22 / Hace about 1 year

I can't see visitors from the UK being welcome in Spain with the Covid - 19 figures in the UK still very bad.


John Parkinson / Hace about 1 year

Stupid is,as stupid does.Yes U.K. was 3 weeks behind some other EU countries but as a regular visitor to Paguera I can assure you if politicians give way to these tourist “experts”then you can get ready for more cases and even longer lockdowns.How will movements be controlled or will your experts just make it a free for all.What about those areas on the island with no cases or single figures ,will people with second homes be allowed in,how on earth can it be managed.Plus if this happens and the number of cases rise then forget such as me even considering returning in the near future


Jason / Hace about 1 year

Phil : you’re 100% right but I bet they would consider staying in a holiday rental !


Mike Thoms / Hace about 1 year

Its been hotter in London for the last 2 weeks than in Mallorca. I can tell you, nobody is even thinking of flying out to Mallorca.


Mike / Hace about 1 year

No thanks, normally go to Mallorca, but driving down to Cornwall this year.


Phil / Hace about 1 year

Paguera is utterly deluded. All of these stupid representatives in travel industry are the same. They assume that if hotels are open and there are flights then people will come. They won't and they ain't just read the measures below that restaurants will have to take (like eating in a hospital canteen). Thats before the health tests and hassle at airports etc. Oh and the social distancing at the hotel and not being allowed in the pool. Really? You think people will want that? Crazy.