Shopping Centres & big stores will open on May 25.


Phase 1 of the de-escalation of the coronavirus restrictions is already underway in most territories in Spain. The terraces of bars, restaurants and cafés are now open, small businesses are up and running and people have more freedom of movement.

But, big stores and Shopping Malls won’t open until Phase 2 begins on May 25.

The Spanish Association of Shopping Centres and Parks, or AECC and the Ministry of Health are preparing a raft of new protocols that will affect owners, workers and shoppers in big stores and Shopping Centres.

Here are some of the new proposals:

Control the number of shoppers via counting systems at exits and entrances of Shopping Centres and install thermographic cameras to measure temperatures.

Add signage on the ground to clarify safe distancing between customers.

Disinfect Shoppng Centres daily, make hydroalcoholic gels available at the entrances of shops and bathrooms, ask customers to pay with credit or debit cards and constantly clean toilets, floors, escalator handrails, door knobs and counters.

Revise ventilation and air purification systems, restrict elevator use to one person at a time, install partitions at information desks and replace manual-operated hand dryers in bathrooms with non-contact ones or disinfectant wipes.

Close children's areas and playgroups.