Warning issued about new WhatsApp scam.


A warning has been issued about a new phishing scam on WhatsApp by cybercriminals pretending to be from Netflix.

The National Institute of Cybersecurity, or Incibe, says the message offers a free subscription to Netflix during the State of Emergency and tells the victim the offer will finish soon.

If they click on the link, it takes them to a survey page, then tells them to forward the message to their contacts so that they can also take advantage of the promotion. After sharing the link, the victim is notified that they’ve won a gift card and asked to supply personal and bank details.

So far this particular phishing scam has only been detected on WhatsApp, but Incibe warns that "this phenomenon could spread to other entertainment platforms and email accounts."

Incibe says that anyone who’s received a WhatsApp message like this and has clicked the phishing link should contact their bank or financial institution as soon as possible and tell them what’s happened.