Inter-island flights are minimal at present.


The regional government wants to reactivate free movement between the islands from this coming Monday. The principal reason for asking the Spanish government to permit travel is to give the tourism sector something of a boost, even if it is only a small one.

At present, travel is only permitted for specific reasons, e.g. work or health. From Monday it is anticipated that the whole of the Balearics will enter Phase 2 of the de-escalation programme. Phase 2 doesn't envisage there being the type of relaxation on movement that the Balearic government is seeking.

Movement between provinces is not be allowed until the "new normality" starts, i.e. after Phase 3, which in the case of Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza, would not be until 22 June. The health ministry reinforced this message on Sunday when it turned down a request from the government in Andalusia, which was seeking movement between provinces in Phase 2.

For the purpose of the de-escalation programme, the islands are treated as being like provinces. Mobility is determined by "province, island or territorial unit". However, Madrid has also indicated that, independent of phase, there could be some flexibility that will be guided by the "epidemiological evolution" of the virus.

On Tuesday, the Balearic transport minister, Marc Pons, told parliament that the government is preparing all the documentation needed to support its Phase 2 request. From next week, there will be three daily flights between Majorca and Ibiza and two between Majorca and Minorca.