Balearics minister for productive sectors, Juan Pedro Yllanes. | Teresa Ayuga


Thirty-one companies in the Balearics have come forward with proposals for the manufacture of protective material for the health service.

The Balearic government called for proposals a few weeks ago. The vice-president and minister for productive sectors, Juan Pedro Yllanes, says that assessment will be made of what the 31 companies are offering and that assistance will be available in helping them to be competitive with international companies. "The aim is to be self-sufficient in the production of this material," the minister said on Wednesday. He acknowledged that this self-suffiency would be dependent on the scale of any outbreak. Nevertheless, it will be "of great help if material is produced in the Balearics".

Monthly needs, as identified by the health service, include 2.6 million surgical masks, a further 179,100 of other types of mask, thirteen million nitrile gloves, 370,000 isolation gowns, and 12,100 litres of hydroalcoholic solution.

Yllanes has expressed his satisfaction with the response, with companies having shown that they are willing to switch to making medical equipment. Companies in the Balearics "have adapted to the new situation".

The government has previously said that contracts for supply would be for up to two years.