Son Espases Microbiology Unit, Palma | Pere Bota

The Ministry of Health confirmed on Tuesday that there were zero coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours in the Balearic Islands, so the total number of fatalities is stagnant at 223.

There were 4 new infections, making 2,050 altogether

On Monday, one coronavirus patient died, and there were five new infections.

Another four people were discharged from hospital, which means 1,605 have now beaten the disease and there are 222 active positive cases of Covid-19 in the Balearics.

Overall, 1,795 infections were detected with a PCR test in Majorca, 92 in Menorca, 157 in Ibiza and 6 in Formentera and 75,167 PCR tests and 21,203 antibody tests have been carried out.

99 people are hospitalised in Majorca, 20 are in intensive care units or ICU and 38 are being monitored by UVAC.

Five people are hospitalised in Minorca and two of them are in the ICU.

In Ibiza, 16 patients are hospitalised, 4 are in the ICU, 2 are being monitored by UVAC in Ibiza and one in Formentera.

355 Healthcare Professionals have contracted Covid-19, which is 17.4% of the 2,050 cases detected in the Balearic Islands with PCR testing, 51 are still positive and 100 are under active surveillance.

There are no new infections in Nursing Homes in the Balearics, 50 active have already been transferred to hospital, 209 have fully recovered from the disease and 88 have died. 34 Healthcare Professionals are still active and 131 have been discharged.

There are no new infections in Residences for people with disabilities and the 20 workers and 34 residents who were infected have overcome the disease. Two people who tested positive are in hospital.