Balearics social affairs minister Fina Santiago.


The Spanish government's minimum income scheme will apply to 15,098 families in the Balearics. This is the number who already receive the Balearic government's guaranteed social income.

The social affairs minister, Fina Santiago, explains that the Spanish government's scheme will result in amendment of the regional government's regulations. The intention is that the Balearic government will complement the income provisions set out by Madrid. At present, the Balearic government is spending 5.57 million euros, this amount having increased from 2.52 million euros before the crisis, when 13,088 families were receiving benefit.

An "urgent" decree law has been drafted by the Balearic government in order to make the amendment. This was due to have been approved at the Friday cabinet meeting, but there will be a slight delay until the government knows the "small print" of the measures being introduced by the national ministry of inclusion, social security and migration. The changes in the Balearics are now likely to be approved next week.