Will there be foreign tourists in June?


Prime Minister Sánchez reiterated on Sunday that July 1 will be the date when foreign tourism starts.

However, and according to President Armengol, Sánchez gave his approval to foreign travellers arriving in the Balearics not needing to quarantine once the state of alarm is lifted. The final extension to the state of alarm that Sánchez is seeking and seems almost certain to secure will end on June 21, which is the same date when de-escalation Phase 3 will end.

Armengol told Sánchez that she wants to see foreign tourists enjoying the same mobility conditions as residents of the Balearics and indeed national tourists from June 22. She once more explained the plan for a "tourist test", adding that an exception would therefore be needed to the quarantine in order for this to succeed. The prime minister, it would seem, gave his approval for this.

It had been understood that the quarantine was determined by the state of alarm, but it can still be applied on public health grounds up to the end of June. It also needs to be remembered that the Spanish government controls points of entry to Spain - the airports and the main, state ports (e.g. Palma) - and not regional governments.

There has been a report suggesting that the health ministry would want foreign tourists who arrive in the Balearics as part of the tourist test plan in June to isolate for six hours after they have arrived. This would be the time needed for getting results from PCR tests.


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Malcolm / Hace about 1 year

Because the German Coronavirus droplets already have their towels down !


Malte / Hace about 1 year

Brits will not be allowed on the island for some time after the 1st July. The Germans will.