Balearic Islands lost €1 billion in Tourist Revenue in April. | Pilar Pellicer


The closure of Spain’s borders due to the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in zero foreign visitors and zero revenue nationwide.

The Balearic Islands lost about a billion euros worth of tourism expenditure in April alone, according to the National Statistics Institute, or INE.

Data for April, the first full month of the State of Emergency shows a stark year on year contrast.

In April, 2019 1,081,557 foreign tourists visited the Balearic Islands and between them they spent around 991.31 million euros.

There was also a steep decline in March, when the State of Emergency and border closures came into force. 116,018 foreign tourists came to the islands, down 68.3% less from the 365,813 visitors the year before and tourism spending plummeted by nearly 70% from 355.34 million euros in March 2019 to 107.35 million, this year.


Between January and April this year, 405,470 foreign tourists visited the Balearic Islands, that’s 77% less than a year earlier and tourist spending decreased by 76% year-on-year to 388.81 million.

Tourist travel was banned when the coronavirus lockdown began, journeys by plane or boat must be justified and a mandatory 14-day quarantine for International travellers arriving in Spain is in force until June 21.


All flights are monitored by the National Police and the Health Department Representatives.

Palma's airport registered 554 passenger arrivals and 606 departures on Sunday, according to data from the Guardia Civil.

103 passengers who arrived at Son Sant Joan Airport have been ordered to self-isolate for two weeks.