Tourist boats up and running in Phase 2. | Ultima Hora


Tourist ships are allowed to navigate and anchor in the water off territories that have progressed to Phase 2, but capacity is restricted to 50%.

Cruise-type passenger ships are not allowed.

The Ministerial order was published in the Official State Gazette, or BOE on Tuesday and businessmen and professionals who operate the ships must ensure that passengers and crew on board comply with the necessary health protection measures.

In the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, occupancy must not exceed 50% of the maximum number of passengers listed on the vessel’s certificates.

Maritime Passenger Services between the Canary Islands and the Peninsula have been restored.

Passengers from the Peninsula are prohibited from disembarking in Melilla, although there are exceptions for groups of 50 people, provided they have the relevant authorisation from the Government in Melilla.

Boats & Recreational Flights

During Phase 2, people who live in the same territorial unit that the boat or vessel is moored are allowed to sail, but the number of people onboard must not exceed 75% of those authorised on the certificate, unless they all live at the same address​,​ in which case capacity is increased to 100%, but in both cases is limited to a maximum of 10 people.

Boats, pleasure boats, jet skis and recreational nautical devices can be rented by people who live in the same territorial unit as the leasing companies.

Only one person is allowed on a jet ski at a time, unless the people liv​e in​ the same home, in which case the number of people must not exceed the limit determined by the manufacturer.

In Phase 3 all recreational nautical activities will be allowed, without limitation, except for the necessary preventive sanitary measures.

The order also sanctions recreational air navigation in territories that are in Phase 2, but groups of up to 20 people, including the pilot.