Notification system for Covid-19 infections has changed. | Ultima Hora


The Ministry of Health has confirmed that there were no Covid-19 deaths on Tuesday in the Balearic Islands, so the total remains static at 226.

There were two new PCR coronavirus infections, but the counting system has changed yet again and another 106 people who tested positive for antibodies or serology have been added, which means 2,191 have contracted the virus since the pandemic began.

According to data provided by the Health Service, 108,079 tests have been performed in public laboratories, 83,534 via PCR and 24,545 antibody tests and there are still 249 active cases in the Balearic Islands.

Another 14 people have just been discharged from hospital, which means 1,716 have now beaten the disease.

Situation of hospitals

In Majorca, 74 are still hospitalised, 16 are in intensive care units, 18 are being monitored by coronavirus care units or UVAC and 141 are receiving primary care at home. Not all of the positive cases were confirmed with PCR testing.

In Menorca, 2 people are in the ICU and there are no people being monitored by UVAC.

In Ibiza, 16 people are still hospitalised, 3 are in the ICU, none are being monitored by UVAC and 3 are receiving primary care.

357 positive cases have been detected amongst Healthcare Professionals, which is 17.3% of the 2,083 cases detected altogether via PCR-tested in the Balearic Islands. 44 are still positive and 131 are under active surveillance.