Cheap package deals in the Balearic Islands. | P. Pellicer

More than 6,000 Spanish agencies will soon start selling holidays in the Balearic Islands for July and August. The package deals are being put together by Europlayas, Aviba travel agencies and FEAVV and will include plane, hotel, transfers and excursions.

"The main Autonomous Communities are collaborating in this campaign because the fundamental objective is to encourage travel between the islands to make up for the drastic fall in foreign tourism,” says Aviba President, Francesc Mulet.

He also pointed out that it’s a project that will supply the Balearic Islands with Spanish tourists during the peak summer months whilst German and British tourists are unable to travel because of the coronavirus crisis.

“There is demand in Spain for trips to the Islands and we must take advantage of that while we are in the current complex situation,” he said.

The project is supported by the Consell de Mallorca, the Balearic Tourism Agency, or Aetib and Island Councils.

"It is a very interesting and positive project for Majorca, since it falls within our post-Covid-19 strategic plans,” said Tourism Minister, Andreu Serra.

To advertise the packages, the promoters will distribute around 500,000 brochures throughout the agency network "because we seek maximum dissemination and the interest is widespread, as it substantially benefits the entire tourist value chain," said Mulet.

Tourist packages

The tour packages are varied, with a choice of three nights, seven nights or fifteen nights.

“The trip includes stays in 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels, flights, airport transfers, excursions and car rental with or without a driver,” says Aviba President, Francesc Mulet.

Hoteliers on the Islands are extremely interested in the project, because as reservations increase, hotels will get busier and during the summer months Spanish tourism will be key to salvaging what was considered to be a lost season.

“The promotional campaigns by Spanish airlines for holidays in Majorca and the rest of the islands do help,” says Mulet, “but the tourist packages will be offered at reasonable prices to make them more attractive.”

Europlayas is a Spanish wholesaler that specialises in all kinds of tourist products.

“The wide diversity of products that we have in the Islands is a factor that helps because we can cover all market segments. That is why we offer 4-star and 5-star hotels. It’s teamwork in which each party collaborates to succeed,” said the Aviba President.