Seaweed affects water colour at Cala Santanyi.


With temperatures having risen, the water in Cala Santanyi is being turned green by seaweed. A familiar issue, Santanyi town hall each year instals a regeneration pump to circulate the water and mitigate the effects of the algae. However, the town hall is still waiting for authorisation from the Costas Authority to do this. The procedure has to be renewed each year, as the pump is removed in winter.

Approval has yet to be received from the Costas, the request having been sent in February. In the meantime, it would seem that the Costas asked for a report regarding compliance with the pumping from the Harbourmaster. It is now understood that the town hall will receive permission within the coming fortnight.

A 2016 temperature study concluded that it was the seaweed which caused the water to turn green. Nevertheless, there is a view that the green colour has to do with hotels in the area. This summer, and with hotel activity totally paralysed, the study's conclusion will be verified.