What does the summer hold for Magalluf? | Michel's - Archive

Although there is uncertainty regarding foreign holidays this summer, such as with the UK government's quarantine for returning travellers, there are plenty of offers available from tour operators - both general and specialist tour operators. Into the latter category fall companies with packages for Magalluf and for young, party-loving British tourists.

One website is offering a host of events once in Magalluf for an all-in price of 99 euros. This includes boat and pool parties, club nights, "bar blitz" and more. This type of offer appears to be contrary to what the Balearic government wishes to stamp out - namely, the so-called tourism of excesses.

Perhaps so, but in terms of the excesses decree, this for example prohibits the advertising of offers which encourage people to drink excessively. In this regard, it might be noted, and again as an example, that the bar blitz is currently being updated and doesn't have any specific information as yet. If advertising and offers comply with the decree, then there isn't an issue.

A further uncertainty, at least where nightlife and other events are concerned, surrounds health safety measures beyond Phase 3 and the state of alarm.