Blue flags in the Balearics for 2020. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Balearics will have 54 Blue Flags this summer - 38 for beaches, thirteen for marinas and three for sustainable tourist boats. There are nine fewer than last year, when there were 44 beaches, sixteen marinas and the three boats.

In Spain as a whole, there will be 688 Blue Flags. These represent an increase of nineteen, there being 23 more beaches and four fewer marinas. Valencia has the most of any region. Of 662 beaches in Spain which presented applications, 89% (589) were awarded with Blue Flags for this year.

Spain maintains its international leadership for the number of Blue Flags, a position the country has held since 1987, which was when the Blue Flags scheme started. After Spain come Greece (514), Turkey (508), France (507), Italy (482) and Portugal (387).

The secretary of state for tourism, Isabel Oliver, said on Tuesday that the Spanish coast maintains high standards of quality that strengthen ever more the image of Spain as a tourism destination leader and as the most competitive tourism country in the world.

Spain's coast has always been "a strength and a sign of the identity" of Spain as a tourism destination in the same way as the climate and the hospitality. "And today this is once more a reason for pride. Health security is going to be essential this year, when it will not be sufficient that our beaches have easy and safe access and teams of lifeguards. This year we will be offering safety-plus to residents and tourists. Our wish is that this season we will all be able to enjoy the enormous variety of the sun and beach offer in our country and to do so in conditions of maximum safety and well-being."