Palma city. | P. BERGAS


According to the Rastreator price comparison website, Alicante, Madrid and Malaga are the cheapest cities in Spain for holidays this summer. Prices in these cities range from between four per cent and 27% lower than the average. By contrast, Palma, Cadiz and Tarragona are among the most expensive.

Of ten cities analysed for spending a seven-night holiday, Palma works out at costing 41% more than the national average. This analysis is based on seven nights at a three-star hotel with a price of 719 euros - 42% above the national average - and on the price for dinner for two in the centre of the city (53 euros; 22% higher than the national average).

In Alicante, seven nights in a three-star costs on average 508 euros, although Alicante isn't the cheapest for accommodation alone. In Almeria, the price is 314 euros, 38% below the national average.

Rastreator's study indicates that the Spanish spend on average 1,062 euros a year on holiday travel; this was the figure before the crisis. Price is the most important factor in holiday decisions (65%), followed by attractions/leisure, and the weather.