Tourists arriving to Palma airport

Tourists arriving to Palma airport.

15-06-2020Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The British embassy in Spain confirmed on Monday that British citizens will be allowed to travel to the Iberian country when it opens its borders next Sunday, but still advised against any non-essential international travel due to the coronavirus.

Spain will reopen its borders to most European visitors from June 21, 10 days earlier than previously planned, a Spanish Foreign Ministry source told Reuters on Sunday.

"The Spanish government has confirmed to us that the UK is included within the group of countries to whom these border relaxations will apply," the embassy said via a Twitter account it uses to inform British citizens in Spain, @BritsliveSpain.

Nevertheless, it added that the government still advises against all but essential international travel.


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donnie / Hace about 1 year

sorry, why is this an issue? people land at heathrow every day from all over the world without being asked almost anything. not sure why majorca should be any different.


Martyn / Hace about 1 year

It is kind of irrelevant what Spain says. If the UK is going to quarantine us when we come back, that is going to make people think twice. If the Spanish reciprocate, then game over, no one from the UK will travel to Majorca just to stay locked up.

But the real deal breaker is really FCO advice. My insurance and likely everyone else's is crystal clear. Your policy is void if you travel when the FCO says essential travel only (and going on holiday is not essential).

In essence Spain can say OK but as long as the current FCO advise holds, no one prudent can travel.


Rob / Hace about 1 year

British travellers have kicked off another infection in NZ . Spain needs to be very careful as a second lockdown could be catastrophic , the infection rate and deaths in the UK are far too high for allowing this


Virginie / Hace about 1 year

This is insane, the UK still has 1500 new cases every day. After such a strict lockdown in Spain, it is really unbelievable that people from a country where the spread of the virus is not under control would be able to just come in without any restriction...pure craziness