No Covid-19 fatalities in the Balearics on Tuesday. | CAIB


The Ministry of Health confirmed on Tuesday that there are now 188 active coronavirus cases in the Balearic Islands, the lowest number in the last three months.

6 new infections were confirmed in the last 24 hours and altogether 2,268 people have contracted Covid-19 since the pandemic began.

The Ministry of Health’s new accounting criteria excludes the 105 positive serologies prior to May 11 and has reported 2,163 cases in the Balearic Islands to the Centre for Coordination of Health Alerts & Emergencies or CAES. 1,895 of them are in Majorca, 92 in Minorca, 168 in Ibiza and 8 in Formentera.

Another 15 patients have been discharged from hospital, which means 1,853 patients in the Balearics have now beaten the disease.

There were no new fatalities reported on Tuesday and the death toll remains static at 227.

In Mallorca, 48 people are still hospitalised, 13 are in Intensive Care Units, 3 are being monitored by coronavirus care units, or UVAC and 92 are receiving Primary Care at home.

In Menorca, one person is hospitalised and one person is receiving Primary Care at home.

In Ibiza, 14 people are hospitalised, 2 are in the ICU and 4 are receiving healthcare at home as are 2 others in Formentera.

A total of 365 Healthcare Professionals have contracted coronavirus, 34 are still positive, 77 are still under surveillance in Majorca and 35 in Ibiza.

129,388 tests have been carried out by laboratories at Public Hospitals in the Balearic Islands; 98,670 PCR tests, 10,585 rapid antibody tests and 20,133 serologies.

There have been no new infections at Residential Centres for the Elderly. 21 residents and 13 Healthcare Professionals are hospitalised with coronavirus, 89 people have died and 238 residents and 150 Healthcare workers have beaten the virus.

There are no active cases at Residences for people with disabilities and all 36 residents and 20 Healthcare Workers who were infected have overcome the virus.