Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister. archive photo


The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said on Tuesday he wants to see unrestricted travel to Spain and France “as soon as we can”, but defended his Government's quarantine policy on arriving visitors.

We don't want to re-import the disease just at the moment when we've really got it under control in this country, he said, “but we're certainly looking at air bridges and ways to ensure that people can safely go on holiday, eventually.”

Earlier, Spain said it was considering imposing its own quarantine on UK travellers when it reopens its borders next week, in response to Britain's move.


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DONALD / Hace about 1 year

Nobody is in a hurry to get to Majorca, and now especially after the statements of Lina Pons. Keep your soon to be bankrupt island to yourself and do not expect an EU bailout.


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

Well, that’s a fat lot of nothing Boris. Quite honestly holiday destinations such as here in Mallorca should be far more circumspect about accepting any British tourists, despite the financial consequences, considering they have had one of the highest infection and death rates and have barely imposed any kind of effective lockdown or implemented a coherent de-escalation plan.