The train service was suspended in March. | Archive


The Soller train and tram will both resume service from the first of July. The train service was suspended when the state of alarm was declared, and the tram service was withdrawn towards the end of March. A minibus service for connecting Soller and Puerto Soller has been operating in the meantime.

The president of the Ferrocarril de Soller company, Oscar Mayol, says that it is time to get back to "normality" and to get going again, "because we can't continue like this".

The first test runs for the tram will be on Thursday, Mayol explaining that after the months of inactivity, it is mandatory to check the condition of the track, overhead cables and rolling stock. Tests for the train will follow, and it is possible that the service could start earlier than the planned date of July 1.

There will be a progressive reintroduction of employees who were laid off under ERTE terms. Around a hundred employees were affected. The use of the services will now largely depend on whatever tourism there is.