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El Molinar Palma


Nan’s Day Out to sort ‘bits of paper’

Next time a bit of form filling takes you to the Strangers Office or to Traffico you can have an amazing experience afterwards.

Shirley Roberts17/06/2021 11:06

the quiet Puerto Soller in these unique times


Sewing the positive seeds

The glowing future seeds are really sprouting in the Soller Valley beginning the post Covid hedonism which is being predicted.

Shirley Roberts16/02/2021 12:18

An excursion to Soller

An excursion to Soller

An excursion to Soller.


A misty Soller evening

News from your area

Valentines and Carnival

Soller is open for business and the Puerto Soller is buzzing.

Shirley Roberts18/02/2020 10:39

The Three Kings were in Soller on Monday

Spotlight on Soller

All change for 2020

A farmer clearing scrub, set light to the woods behind the Torre Picada.

Shirley Roberts09/01/2020 15:04