On Saturday night, the National Police in Palma made ten arrests following fights that involved some fifty people.

Around half eleven, a fight broke out in the vicinity of the Plaça Porta del Camp, which is by the Avenidas and not far from the sea front. This developed into what became at least three separate incidents, one of them near to the Cathedral. Calls to the National Police 091 number reported people using chains and bottles. The fighting spilt over onto the Avenidas (Gabriel Alomar). Traffic was stopped, and passers-by were being threatened. On Dalt Murada by the Cathedral, police came across one person who was unconscious.

Those arrested were aged between 20 and 32. They were Spanish, Dominican, Ecuadorian and Guinean.

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Juan love / Hace about 1 year

DANO So people don't assume it's always drunken British.


Dano / Hace about 1 year

What does their nationality have to do with anything? Listing where they're from is encouraging people to look negatively upon Ecudorian, Dominican, and Guinean people!!! It has NO bearing on the context of the story. STOP IT!


Dave / Hace about 1 year

The locals bang on about the English and Germans causing trouble. In my experience young Spanish are the worst. They get drunk (easily) trash the beach and drink drive. Ive lived here 15 years and they are the real problem in Mallorca!