Woman needs hospital treatment after cat attack. archive photo. | Cati Cladera


Three women from the same family have been attacked by a cat in the Coll d’en Rabassa neighbourhood of Palma.

The cat’s owner called the Emergency Services saying that her cat had gone totally crazy and was attacking members of the family at their home in Carrer de Jacob Sureda.

National Police Officers who were deployed to the scene said that when they arrived at the house it was clear that the grandmother, mother, and daughter had been seriously wounded by the cat.

The Officers called SAMU-061, Local Police and a veterinarian from the Son Reus Municipal Animal Protection Health Centre.

The victims injuries were attended by Healthcare Professionals in the family home, but one of them had to be taken to the Emergency Department for treatment.

Between them, the Technicians and Vet managed to immobilize the animal and transfer it to the Municipal Kennel.

The women explained to the Police that the cat is extremely territorial and admitted that there had been other small incidents. But when they tried to put the cat in a carrier that day it had "gone crazy" becoming angry and violent and was completely out of control.

Police and Healthcare Personnel who were deployed to the scene said they were very surprised at the extent of the wounds the women had suffered.

“One of the women had cuts and blood all down her back, it looked like she had been stabbed," said one witness.