Ninety per cent of Palma's roads are to have a 30kph speed limit. | Archive

The Balearics Association of Goods Transport Operators is questioning Palma town hall's decision to limit traffic speed to 30kph for 90% of the city's roads. The association's president, Ezequiel Horrach, believes that the speed restriction is commendable but explains that it will cause problems for companies moving freight and delivering goods. There will be "worse service, traffic jams, increased pollution and inactivity and losses for the sector".

Horrach is seeking a meeting with the town hall at which an exemption will be proposed for certain areas of the city, such as the main avenues. "If not, traffic jams will occur at peak times and carriers will suffer cumulative delays to deliveries."

The manager of the Balearics Federation of Transport Operators, Salvador Servera, met representatives from the town hall transport department last week and discussed the speed limits and the need for more areas for loading and unloading. He hasn't as yet received any response.

Horrach argues that goods vehicles should have their own lanes in the same way that buses and taxis do. His association is proposing a 50kph limit that would not affect road safety or cause jams and would produce the least impact in terms of pollution.