Ciutat Jardí in Palma is being used to trial the system.


A pilot scheme using sensors for monitoring the number of people on beaches is being trialled on the Ciutat Jardí beach in Palma.

Two sensors have been installed that enable "intelligent analysis" of the density of "bulky" elements in a given space. In this instance, people are the bulky elements. The information from the sensors is transmitted to the regional government's Ibetec telecommunications and innovation public company through the Balearics Internet of Things network. An alert is given when permitted capacities are reached or there are excessive concentrations of people.

Once the pilot scheme is completed, Ibetec plans to offer the system to town halls, which would pay for the system and the installation. As well as advising town halls on capacities, information could also be sent to residents and visitors.

It is expected that the system will be available from next month.