Who should manage the expanded park? | J. Furones


Environmentalists GOB are demanding that the national ministry of ecological transition recognises the regional government's competence for managing the whole of the current area of the Cabrera National Park and that the necessary resources are provided for the park's management.

GOB maintain that the Spanish government's intention to have exclusive management for the enlarged park has generated an administrative conflict "with serious consequences" for the management of what is the most important protected natural area in the Balearics.

The lack of agreement between the national and regional governments regarding responsibility for management has meant that the matter has been referred to the Supreme Court in Madrid. For GOB, the new law governing the park will be "at a dead end" for all the time it takes for the court process. The environmentalists perceive a "worrying lack of determination" on behalf of either the national ministry of ecological transition or the regional environment ministry, but want the regional government not to delay in drafting regulations that correspond to the park as it was before it was enlarged.

In February last year, the Spanish government approved an expansion of the park from some 10,000 hectares to over 90,000. All of this expansion was sea rather than land, and what this did was to create an argument as to responsibility - national or regional. The regional government was responsible for the smaller area, this responsibility having been ceded to it by Madrid.